Release effectively, safe and easy the little baby nose from the nuisance mucus and give him a chance to breath freely. Reduces the need to use medicines. Description:

  • Act promptly.
  • It takes only seconds to operate.
  • Safe- Powerful and absolutely safe.
  • Handiness.
  • Light-weighted and lovely-shaped, easy-to-use, risky-not, will never result in pain or discomfort.
  • Washable—Anti-bacteria, water-resistant, the machine can be washed with water and the cup can be sterilized by boiling water or steam.
  • Convenient. Powered by battery, no charging needed, always stand-by.
  • Power saving—Two No.3 alkaline-batteries for 1,000 operations about 5 sec for each operation averagely.
  • Specifications: Power: Two 2 no. 3 AA batteries not supplied *Alkaline batteries are recommended. Suction: Approx. 50 kPa vary with the power remained. Size: 17.5 L ×4 W ×4.2 H, cubic cm. Weight: 145 g without battery.

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Barbabebe Electric aspirator SB-925N

  • Brand: Barbabebe
  • Product Code: SB-925N
  • Availability: In Stock
  • BGN 88.90